Esther Pavao
I ran across a series of articles recently that really raised my blood pressure. No, seriously, I felt my blood pressure. That can't be good, right? I should probably lay off the caffeine. In my short lifetime, I have been irritated countless times. I have been aggravated, teased, annoyed, angry, and hurt until I cried. But I can count on one...make that two...hands the number of times I've been so angry I actually felt my blood boil. This particular time, I think I was disgusted more than I was angry, but all the same...enough about my feelings.

I found an article quoting the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, a very well-known clothing line. I thought the quotes were surely taken out of context. But a little research proved that they were accurate. In a nutshell, this grown man has stated that his company is for "cool kids" only. He gave an interview to Salon magazine in 2006 in which he openly admits that they target "the cool all-American teenagers" and that some people "don't belong and will never belong" in A&F clothing.

The company refuses to buy XL, XXL or above in women's clothing. The average woman wears near a 14. I've personally never bought anything from A&F. Their clothing is ridiculously overpriced. I wouldn't argue with the common-sense journalist who said, "A&F is an uppity, pre-yuppie brand that targets 18-to 22-year-olds. Who else would have the immature notion to pay $68 for a pair of raveling short-shorts, the modern-day equivalent of loincloths? It's obvious their merchandise is not intended for every physique." (Read the whole article here.)The quote made me laugh, but it's also true.

They've been sued before and a friend told me this morning that they've been sued for child pornography and that their promotional material was so inappropriate, it really out to be restricted to 18 years and older. Seriously, they don't advertise their clothing, they advertise half-naked models. 

Now, I know some people are thinking, "Just don't buy from them if it bothers you." I agree with you. I would never presume to tell someone (unless they are my own child) that they could or couldn't buy from a specific store. But I am anti-bullying, and when it comes from a grown man with the ability and resources to make a difference, I feel an overwhelming shame. American teenagers have are bombarded with magazines and movies and stores telling them that they must fit into a certain mold to be beautiful. Mannequins traditionally advertise sizes 2-4. A vast majority of actresses and models are unhealthily small. Targeting teenagers and attacking their size is low. Who says your size determines your value?

I have nothing against small people. My three best friends are all skinnier than I am and I think they are drop-dead gorgeous. But I find them beautiful because I know how kind they are, how giving they are, and etc. This father says it  even better than I can.

I'll get off my soapbox. This subject has been attacked from all angles by so many people. I really wrote this post to promote a video I watched today that gave me quite a bit of satisfaction. You really should take the time to watch it. I know, he uses some minor profanities, but if that bothers you, you're really missing the whole point of the video.