Esther Pavao
Have an old picture frame that you can't hang, either because it doesn't have a hook on the back or no screw is going to fit through it? Don't throw it away!

Here's how to salvage it.

You will need:
  • Frame
  • Ruler
  • Pliers or something that can bend aluminum
  • super glue
  • one or two pop tabs from a soda can (depends on how big/heavy your frame is)
 Step 1: Either measure exactly the middle of your frame and mark it with a pencil. I measured exactly where the old hanger was because they already did the work for me.

Step 2: Use the pliers to bend the pop tabs. Don't bend so far that they won't hang on your screws/nails, but far enough that you don't have to do some kind of twisted yoga to see behind the frame to hang it. Seriously.

 Step 3: Put a large drop of super glue on the frame. If you don't put enough, the tab pops off and you have to start all over, so don't skimp. Center the tab exactly on your pencil mark. You have to do this quickly because this stuff dries way too fast. **It is very important that your tab is level with the top of the frame. It's not as hard as it sounds and if you don't think it's important, your frame will hang just a little bit crooked and if you're OCD like I am, it will drive you nuts.**
Let them dry for a good while before you hang them or they will pop right off. It depends on the kind of frame for how long it takes. A wooden frame I had took about an hour, a 4x6 that I glued to the paper backing took about 10 minutes and a heavy wooden frame with glossy paint had to sit overnight before I could touch it.

Test the tab by applying a little pressure with your fingertip. If it can handle that, it can hang up.

I have done this with about 10 picture frames in my house (and drank a case of root beer, don't judge, it was Barq's: how could I say no?) and it hasn't failed me yet.

Esther Pavao
Ok, so I haven't written anything in ages, not necessarily because I haven't had much going on or because I didn't have anything to say about it, but because I've been crazy busy and taking time to write about it seemed a little bit low on my priority list, but since I seem to do much better in my life when I write, I am trying to make it a priority.

My goal is now to write at least twice a week, doesn't matter about what. If I can make that a habit, something good is bound to be written down eventually.

Sooooo.......I just got married and am having a total blast having a house that I can decorate however I want. I have researched the internet and looked at my my pinterest boards and found my favorite things to recreate. That might be what dominates my blog for a while since that's what's going on with me.

First thing was a box of picture frames in my shed that were empty and completely mismatched. Noah painted some of them black for me and I started this awesome tree on my wall.  -->

It took a few hours, but I had so much fun! Now the rest of my walls look a little bare, so I think I will probably run a twisted vine either along the top of the wall near the ceiling or something.

I hung some of the frames and I was supposed to be ordering pictures today, so I'll let you see that when it's finished. Not sure what the next people who live in this house will think when they move in. :)

Anyway, I'm back and hopefully for good this time, though I said that last time, so don't hold your breath. :)