Esther Pavao
Right now, I'm simply feeling grateful to my Father who loves me far more than I can even imagine, though I've done nothing to deserve it. He never leaves me, even when I leave Him. He pulls me back when I walk away, and He holds on when I fight Him. He listens when I cry, and He holds me when I'm weak. He smiles when I laugh, and He delights in my joys. He loves when I sing to Him, and He tells me I'm beautiful, even when I don't try. He gave me a clear sky full of stars that we enjoy together. He always has time for me. He makes sure all of my needs are met, even if I didn't know I needed anything at all. He tells me to dream big and then tells me I can follow them. He believes I can do anything and is proud of my accomplishments.

And when the world feels too big, I know I'll never be too old to crawl back into His lap and simply bask in His love.
Esther Pavao
I had never felt anything like this before. Heat unlike anything I'd ever felt was scorching my sensitive skin and I felt....dry. Grains of sand dug into my back, scratching like sandpaper and burrowing deep scores in my side. I could hear the ocean crashing into the sand, feel the spray as it smashed into the shore just inches away. My entire being longed to be back in its depths, but I couldn't move myself so much as an inch. 

I felt my life slowly ebbing away with each hour that passed, but I clung to it, desperately hoping by some small chance, I might be lifted by the incoming tide. A small child squatted next to me. I prayed by some kindness he would throw me in, but he only poked me once or twice and ran off again. Didn't he see that I needed the ocean? Couldn't the people around me see that I was dying? 

I felt it, death was coming. Everything in my cried out for something, anything to end this heat. A shadow crossed over me and I felt a gentle hand lift me from the sand. I was being carried and then I felt the glorious water! The coolness of the ocean washed over me and I was free! I felt my strength come flooding back and I just floated, soaking in the water, tentacles splayed out around me, feeling the power of the ocean, grateful to the hand whose kindness had returned me to where I was alive and free. 

I was trying to find something that described how I've felt lately and a beached jellyfish seemed pretty accurate. I have felt dried out and completely drained, but I don't have the power to save myself. But when I call out to Him, He picks me up and carries me in the palm of His hand.