Esther Pavao
I feel like poetry and songs express what people feel far better than words every could, so I'm not even going to try and explain this one.

One wild rose-flower, growing alone
Surrounded by weeds, and sticks, and stone
In spite of all danger, no thought for herself
Lifts up her face, displaying her wealth
With all odds against her, she stands straight and true
A blessing to everyone, but mostly to You
Who placed her there, tilting her face to the sky.
If she can trust You, Lord, so can I.

On a soft breeze soars a small bird.
Though many a song from him, never a word.
Small and weak though he is, never a thought
Does he give for his safety. Clothes he has not
The future means nothing, he is simply free
To sing to his God who made him to be
A creature of worship, a jewel in His sky.
If he can praise You, Lord, so can I.

Her life has been nothing but hardships and sorrow
With no hope of change in her every tomorrow.
Alone in a world that cares nothing for her
She's lost all the family and friends that there were.
But on hearing Your name, she lights up with a smile,
Her trouble forgotton, no memory of trial.
She speaks of Your goodness, Your hand in her life.
If she can Love You, Lord, so can I.