Esther Pavao
I started this blog in hopes that I could spread my message. I wanted something that a lot of people would read and be touched by. The internet really is an amazing tool, albeit an incredibly abused one.

Who am I?

I am a 17-year-old girl who grew up in Rose Creek Village. My parents moved there when I was only 4 years old. My dad moved away when I was 7. I know some people just aren't cut out to live this life. Believe me, it's no picnic.

We live on a 100-acre piece of land in West Tennessee with about 25 mobile homes--2 to 3 families per home. A lot of people ask why we live several families to a home and other people post suspicions and rumors. The truth is, God asked us to. Plain and simple. We have found this is one of the best ways to fellowship with each other: learning to resolve our differences, and truly come together. We aren't polygamists. We have simply found that it's not enough to see each other once or twice a week at church or Wednesday night service. We wanted to live in each others homes and live right next door to each other.

The reason I named this blog "Spreading the Message" is because my age group is called the Messengers. We are all 16 to 18 years old, and there are currently 13 of us. All the age groups have names that reflect what God was doing with us at the time of our naming, and what we feel that He will do with us. Our name came when we were getting messages from India, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar (Burma), Rhode Island, South Dakota, and many more places, asking for us to come and speak to them about what God has done with us and wondering whether we could help them start villages. The village felt like we'd get to be part of spreading God's message and so we became the Messengers.

I'm writing all this about the village and the messengers because I feel like it helps describe who I am. I read a Japanese proverb once that said, "If a character of a man isn't clear to you, look at his friends." My friends define me. We are a strong group of people with a lot of talent and potential. Three of the Messengers started a band and played a song that they wrote and it was beautiful. One of them does welding and is taking classes to be certified. Several of the girls are studying to become midwives. Several are interested in photography and video and have already proven themselves to have wonderfully creative minds and an eye for beauty, capturing the beauty in situations that I never would have seen it. A couple are good at writing and several more at public speaking. A lot of us dance, Irish, interpretational, tap, ballet, and more. I haven't found my passion yet. But I suppose I still have a little time. We are all a little intense when we're talking about something we feel strongly about, and some of us are just that way naturally. We used to be very argumentative, but these debates don't usually end in tears anymore. We love to have fun (don't all teenagers?) and especially together. Rarely does a group of people plan something that the rest don't end up being a part of.

Something all of us are heading towards and are looking forward to is a passage. Passages are the celebration that the village puts on the commemorate the passing from childhood to adulthood. When the parents of a teenager or the adults that teen is close to feel like that particular teen shows qualities becoming a woman or man as the case may be, it's time for them to start behaving like a man. Can they make good choices in life? Do they show self-control, discernment, and wisdom? Do they have good relationships with other men/women and with God? Sometimes this is backwards. If someone is past their teen years and still isn't showing signs of maturity, then sometimes they need a passage so that they can feel like, as an adult, I need to grow up and act my age.

I didn't mean to write so much about the Village, I was trying to explain who I am, but I am of the Village, so I suppose that everything I write about me will be about the Village. Some people might be offended if I make this bold statement, but I'm going to anyway. We are the body of Christ on earth. He has chosen to live among us. We obviously aren't the only ones, there are so many people that we haven't even heard of yet that are doing God's will and I only hope that I am privileged to meet them some day, but we could never do the things we do if it weren't for God's constant grace.

That's who I am and what I am a part of.